Oceania supports Clean Sport at Tokyo Olympics


ORADO’s contribution to the Clean Sport/Doping Free Games in Tokyo is by ensuring that coordinated and effective anti-doping programs are being carried out in our Oceania region. 

Anti-Doping Programs that focus on  the prevention of doping:

  • Education- raising awareness, inform, communicate, to instil values, capability to prevent intentional and unintentional anti-doping rule violations.
  • Detection- an effective Testing system not only enhances a deterrent effect, but also is effective in protecting clean Athletes and the spirit of sport.

This is the 2nd Olympic Games that ORADO was invited to take part in:

  • The first invitation came from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. We had Fereti Rokodi (Fiji) and Matanoanoa Iroa (Cook Islands) representing ORADO.
  • The 2nd invitation is from Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Where we have Nyla Alfred (Fiji), Mosese Finau (Fiji), Felicia Ballanger (New Caledonia), and Fatafehi Daunivuka (ORADO).


Education- Our Play True Pacific Educators conduct education sessions and share information related to:

  • 2020 & 20121 Prohibited List of Substances and Methods
  • 11 Anti-Doping Rule Violations
  • Doping Control Procedure (Drug Testing- Collection of Samples from athletes)
  • Therapeutic Use Exemption Procedures
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Athletes and Athletes Support Persons.
  • Tokyo2020 specific Doping Control Informations. 
  • Anti-Doping Rules & Regulations 

Doping Control- Our Doping Control Officers (DCOs) conduct in-country Out-of-Competition Testing Program from 2020- June 2021. This is done in partnership with the Tokyo 2020 Testing Team, International Testing Authority, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and with ORADO Member Countries (via their Member Country Representative to ORADO).


Promotion of the Clean Sport Movement, Activities and Information from the  Games (via email, ORADO facebook Page) with Member Country Representatives (MCRs) and sport communities.


Promotion of the Clean Sport Movement and Information from Games and other Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) (via email and Facebook Page)

Continue Education and Doping Control Program at National- Level

Training and Re-Accreditation of DCOs 

On-Going Communication with ORADO Member Country Representatives

Daily DCO Routine

In Tokyo, what is the normal daily routine of an ORADO member (term pls.) on the ground? [this to be detailed from morning to evening/technical tasks-based for a story on its own]. WE NEED SOMEONE IN TOKYO.

International Doping Control Officer (Nyla, Mosese, Felicia), their role is summary into the following:

  • Ensure Athletes and other Doping Control Officials well-being
  • Ensure Integrity of the sample collection process is upheld at all times
  • Ensure efficiency of samples collection process

Administration Support to the Tokyo2020 Testing Testing (Fatafehi Daunivuka): To provide administration support to the Tokyo 2020 Testing Team and Program. 

5. How many were engaged in pre-Games in their own countries and what did their work or task include?

Education and Doping Control Programs. We had the following estimated persons engaged:

  • Cook Islands: 3 persons (2 each DCOs and a Chaperone)
  • Fiji: 4 persons (4 each DCOs and Chaperones)
  • Guam: 6 persons (3 DCOs and 2 Chaperones)
  • Marshall Islands/ Fiji reciprocal: 2 persons (1 each DCO and Chaperone)
  • Papua New Guinea: 3 persons (1 DCO and 2 Chaperones)
  • Samoa: 6 persons (3 DCOs and 3 Chaperones)
  • Tonga: 4 persons (2 each DCOs and Chaperones)
  • Tuvalu/ Fiji reciprocal: 2 persons (1 DCO and Chaperone) and
  • Vanuatu:  persons (4 DCOs and 2 Chaperones)


Doping Control Station Manager (DCS-M)

2. Doping Control Officer Coordinator (DCO-C)

3. Chaperone Coordinator (C-C)

4. Mobile Doping Control (MODOC) is the preferred paperless doping control solution and used exclusively at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Developed by Professional Worldwide Controls (PWC), a German sample collection service provider, it is a digitised and fully integrated system to plan, execute and document “In-Competition” and “Out-Of-Competition” controls.