Education, Research and Development

Education, Research and Development (ERD) Programme is an innovative development initiative that has been identified as an outgrowth of the training activities which previously sat under the ORADO Doping Control Programme.

It does not replace training activities under the Doping Control Programme but repackages the sub-initiatives strategically in a bid to leverage improved resource mobilisation that can lead to ORADO strengthening its support to NADOs. This is in a bid to recognise the critical importance of protecting and promoting Clean Athletes in the Oceania

As a new programme that has just been approved by the ORADO Executive Board, the Education, Research and Development Programme has two arms:


This new programme arm strengthens the education component of doping control work by ORADO. While Training previously focused on the technical components of doping control and on athlete advocacy through the Voices of the Athletes Programme (VOA) at Games, the new Education arm will focus on the Play True Pasifik product which is a flagship campaign cutting through the 2022 - 2025 quadrennial. It also focuses on the holistic education of stakeholders in terms of doping control in relation to social development, economic development, health and wellbeing, culture and legacy building in Pacific Island countries. In particular, it will explore doping control education and sport as a tool for Pacific youth identity formation and pathways to better health, life, and opportunity.

Research & Development

This new programme arm is being developed and piloted in the 2022 - 2025 quadrennial in order to transition ORADO into an evidence-based and learning organisation through research and knowledge creation.

Prioritised activities under this arm will focus on identification of issues relating to Clean Athletes and Clean Sport in Oceania, research surveys and studies to examine patterns, and the collation of results to determine baselines. It is envisioned that these will inform ORADO programmes, direction and engagement activities to ensure maximum impact.

The Education, Research and Development Programme will provide ORADO Executive Board, NADO Members, Partners and Oceania Athletes with evidence-based learnings to ensure that annual plans and activities can be agile and responsive to changing needs, particularly in the time of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and other emerging challenges.

The Programme will also inform ORADO partnership building initiatives, resource mobilisation priorities, and communications needs and the ability of the organisation to improve its products and services in the Oceania Continent.

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