Capacity Building

The new ORADO Capacity Building Programme is a strategic undertaking to extract the training activities that have to date, been couched in the Anti-Doping or Doping Control headline programme and offer this suite, more visibility, prominence, and measurement in a move to boost partnerships and resource mobilisation.

Historically, all activities were clustered under a single programme called Anti-Doping (which is now the transitioning Doping Control Programme), and indeed, other key strategic activities were positioned alongside it.

This new Programme will over the 2021 to 2025 quadrennial, be developed and delivered through greater strategic positioning so that Members, International and Regional Federations, Major Event Organisers, and other stakeholders have access to information on opportunities.

The key capacity building initiatives under this Programme will include the training of Testing Personnel in Sample Collection (Doping Control Officers), Chaperones and Blood Collection Officers; training of NADOs in communications, advocacy and lobby; and training in the governance and operational functions of organisations. 

There is a need to collate capacity building in order to improve quality and cohesion; prepare and monitor trainers; improve calendar scheduling and offerings according to national, regional and global sporting and meeting events; and to systematically measure real impact. 

The Capacity Building Programme is more inward-facing in that it will focus on technical issues in order to improve the performance of ORADO and its Members.

In contrast, the education arm of the Education, Research and Development Programme focuses on external-facing initiatives that assume a more public face through athlete engagement, advocacy, and awareness activities.

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